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From: Larry T. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 11/17/2017
Subject: peas and carrots?
  We Answer Diabetes Questions!

Is it ok to eat peas & carrots if you have diabetes?  I heard to avoid those two veggies.    

Below are a number of responses to the above question:

Rebekah Eaton, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: There are two types of vegetables: starchy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables.  Starchy vegetables are higher in carbohydrates than non-starchy vegetables and should be considered when... (click for entire response)

Jennifer Hunt, RD, LDN (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Due to the difference in calories and carbs, portions should be considered when choosing a starchy vegetable, especially if you are diabetic.  Feel free to eat non-starchy vegetables... (click for entire response)

Jan Swanson, Dietetic Intern
Answer: Absolutely!  They are full of good nutrients, vitamins & minerals, along w/ fiber.  Peas are a starchy vegetable and need to be counted as a carbohydrate for every 1/2 cup eaten... (click for entire response)

Elissa Basham, Dietetic Intern
Answer: Many of the “root” vegetables are higher in carbohydrates, however carrots have one of the lower carbohydrate contents in their category... (click for entire response)

Lauren Siegfried, Dietetic Intern
Answer: Vegetables can be classified into two different categories – starchy and non starchy vegetables.  Starchy vegetables include corn, peas and potatoes. A serving size... (click for entire response)

Mandy Seay, Dietetic Intern
Answer: You may have heard you should stay away from peas and carrots because it is thought that these two vegetables will raise your blood sugar.  One important thing you should know about vegetables... (click for entire response)

Jessica Zimmerman, Nutrition Student
Answer: Vegetables are a very important component of our diet and should be consumed daily.  Yet, if consuming starchy vegetables, it is important that one counts them as a carbohydrate... (click for entire response)


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Alfalfa Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
Artichokes, Raw
Arugula, Raw
Asparagus, Raw
Bamboo Shoots, Raw
Beans, Snap, Green, Raw
Beets, Raw
Bok Choy
Broccoli Raab, Raw
Broccoli, Raw
Brussels Sprouts, Raw
Cabbage, Chinese (Pak-Choi), Raw
Cabbage, Raw
Cabbage, Red, Raw
Cabbage, Savoy, Raw
Carrots, Raw
Cassava, Raw
Cauliflower, Raw
Celery, Raw
Celtuce, Raw
Chard, Swiss, Raw
Chinese Broccoli
Chiquita Bell Peppers
Chiquita Cucumber
Collards, Raw
Corn, Sweet White, Raw
Cucumber with Peel, Raw
Dole Artichokes
Dole Asparagus
Dole Broccoli
Dole Brussels Sprouts
Dole Carrots
Dole Cauliflower
Dole Celery
Dole Green Leaf Lettuce
Dole Iceberg Lettuce
Dole Mushrooms
Dole Peeled Mini Carrots
Eggplant, Raw
Endive, Raw
Fennel Bulb, Raw
Jicama, Raw
Kale, Raw
Kohlrabi, Raw
Leeks, Raw
Lettuce, Butterhead, Raw
Lettuce, Cos or Romaine, Raw
Lettuce, Green Leaf, Raw
Lettuce, Iceberg, Raw
Lettuce, Red Leaf, Raw
Lettuce, Romaine, Raw
Mung Beans, Sprouted, Raw
Mushrooms, Brown, Italian, or Crimini, Raw
Mushrooms, Oyster, Raw, Sliced
Mushrooms, Portabella, Raw
Mushrooms, Shiitake, Raw
Mushrooms, White, Raw
Mustard Greens, Raw
Okra, Raw
Onions, Raw
Onions, Spring or Scallion, Raw
Parsnips, Slices
Pepper, Banana, Raw
Pepper, Green Hot Chili, Raw
Pepper, Green Sweet, Raw
Pepper, Jalapeno, Raw
Pepper, Red Hot Chili, Raw
Pepper, Red Sweet, Raw
Pepper, Serrano, Raw
Peppers, Sweet, Yellow, Raw
Pumpkin, Raw
Radicchio, Raw, Shredded
Radishes, Raw
Snap Green Beans, Raw
Spaghetti Squash, Cooked, without Salt
Spinach, Raw
Squash, Acorn, Raw
Squash, Butternut Winter, Raw
Squash, Summer Crookneck & Straightneck, Raw
Squash, Summer Zucchini with Skin, Raw
Swiss Chard, Cooked, without Salt
Taro Leaves, Cooked, without Salt
Taro, Raw, Sliced
Tomato, Red Ripe, Raw
Turnip Greens
Turnip, Cooked, Cubed

Packaged Salads & Vegetables:
Baby Corn
Birds Brand Turnip
Birds Eye Asparagus, Corn and Baby Carrots
Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets
Birds Eye Baby Gold and White Corn
Birds Eye Baby Mixed Beans and Carrots
Birds Eye Baby Sweet Peas
Birds Eye Broccoli and Cauliflower
Birds Eye Broccoli Stir Fry Vegetables
Birds Eye Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots
Birds Eye Brussels Sprouts
Birds Eye Carrots, Snap Peas & Water Chestnuts
Birds Eye Chopped Spinach
Birds Eye Cut Green Beans
Birds Eye Fordhook Lima Beans
Birds Eye Mini Corn on the Cob
Birds Eye Sweet Kernel Corn
Birds Eye White Pearl Onions
Birds Eye Winter Squash
Del Monte Asparagus, Cuts and Tips
Del Monte Lima Beans
Del Monte Peas and Carrots
Del Monte Sliced Beets
Del Monte Sliced Carrots
Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes
Del Monte Wax Beans
Del Monte Zucchini with Tomatoes
Dole American Packaged Salad
Dole Angel Hair Cole Slaw
Dole Asian Crunch Kit Packaged Salad
Dole Baby Arugula with Spinach
Dole Baby Spinach
Dole Baby Spinach and Radicchio
Dole Butter & Red Leaf Packaged Salad
Dole Chopped Romaine Packaged Salad
Dole Classic Cole Slaw
Dole Classic Iceberg Packaged Salad
Dole Classic Romaine Packaged Salad
Dole Greener Selection Packaged Salad
Dole Iceberg Butter Crunch Packaged Salad
Dole Just Lettuce Packaged Salad
Dole Shredded Lettuce
Eat Smart Asian Salad Kit
Eat Smart Broccoli & Carrots Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Broccoli & Cauliflower Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Broccoli Florets Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Broccoli Salad Kit
Eat Smart Broccoli Slaw
Eat Smart California Vegetable Slaw
Eat Smart Cauliflower Florets Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Confetti Vegetable Slaw
Eat Smart Harvest Blend Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Harvest Medley Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Harvest Supreme Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Sugar Snap Peas
Eat Smart Sunrise Vegetable Slaw
Eat Smart Vegetable Medley Packaged Veggies
Eat Smart Vegetable Stir Fry Packaged Veggies
Fresh Express 3-Color Deli Cole Slaw
Fresh Express 5-Lettuce Mix Packaged Salad
Fresh Express American Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Angel Hair Cole Slaw
Fresh Express Asian Supreme Packaged Salad
Fresh Express B.L.T. Caesar Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Baby Spinach
Fresh Express Caesar Lite Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Caesar Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Caesar Supreme Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Cole Slaw Kit with Dressing
Fresh Express Double Carrots Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Green and Crisp Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Italian Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Lettuce Trio Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Mediterranean Supreme Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Old Fashioned Cole Slaw
Fresh Express Organic Fresh Herb Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Original Iceberg Garden
Fresh Express Pacifica! Veggie Supreme Salad
Fresh Express Premium Romaine Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Salsa! Ensalada Supreme Salad
Fresh Express Shreds Packaged Lettuce
Fresh Express Spinach
Fresh Express Sweet Butter Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Sweet Tender Greens Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Tender Ruby Reds Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Triple Hearts Packaged Salad
Fresh Express Veggie Lover's Packaged Salad
Green Giant Asparagus
Green Giant Broccoli Spears, Frozen
Mann's Sunny Shores Broccoli & Carrots
Mann's Sunny Shores Broccoli & Cauliflower
Mann's Sunny Shores Broccoli Cole Slaw
Mann's Sunny Shores Broccoli Wokly
Mann's Sunny Shores Broccolini
Mann's Sunny Shores California Stir Fry
Mann's Sunny Shores Cauliettes
Mann's Sunny Shores Rainbow Salad
Mann's Sunny Shores Romaine Hearts
Mann's Sunny Shores Snow Peas
Mann's Sunny Shores Sugar Snap Peas and Carrots
Mann's Sunny Shores Vegetable Medley
McKenzies Chopped Collard Greens
McKenzies Whole Baby Okra
Sauerkraut, Canned, Solids and Liquids
Tomato Juice, Canned, with Salt Added
Waterchestnuts, Chinese, Canned

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