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Nutrition Q&A Newsletter:

This week's question for your nutrition blog:

From: Susan D. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 03/22/2010
Subject: fasting glucose question

My fasting glucose number was 127.  Does this sound like pre-diabetes or diabetes?  What should I do to control my blood sugar?

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Do you know someone with diabetes?  They can send their questions to: diabetes@foodpicker.org


Last week's question:

From: Bob R. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 03/15/2010
Subject: fruits and veggies question

I have pre-diabetes and am trying to lose weight.  How many servings of fruit and veggies should I have each day?

Below are a number of responses to the above question:

Jenifer Kayan, RD, LD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Also, remember to eat the rainbow.  Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of different colors - the reasoning for that is they all contain different nutrients.  For example, tomatoes contain lycopene, which gives it its reddish tint is also linked to prevent certain types of cancer.  The orange tint... (click for entire response)

Jacqueline Zimmerman, Dietetic Intern
Answer: In terms of watching your blood glucose levels, juices have two major strikes against them: they contain little to no fiber, and are a concentrated source of sugars. Drink juices in moderation! Also be sure to look out for starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn and peas. Starchy vegetables are much higher in carbohydrate... (click for entire response)

Kristin Palmer, Dietetic Intern
Answer: The ADA describes that treatment of pre-diabetes should consist of losing a modest amount of weight (5-10 percent of total body weight) through diet and moderate exercise, such as walking, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet... (click for entire response)

Krista Feagans, Dietetic Intern
Answer: Overall, you should aim for at least 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies (total) each day.  It is best to try to eat more vegetables than fruit because vegetables have less of an effect on increasing your blood sugar (with the exception of starchy veggies like corn, peas, or potatoes).  Fruit has... (click for entire response)

Stephanie Nathanson, Nutrition Student
Answer: The first step in trying to avoid the stage of Type 2 Diabetes is to lose weight and it looks like you have already taken charge!  Good for you!  To keep your blood sugar levels in check... (click for entire response)

Lauren Siegfried, Dietetic Intern
Answer: In terms of fruit and veggie consumption, I would recommend a minimum of 5 servings daily.  An easy way to incorporate these is a fruit for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch, and a fruit and veggie for supper.  Eating 5 of these each day will not only help you lose weight, but will also provide... (click for entire response)

John Schapman, MS, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Remember, these foods are low in caloric density so they will aid in weight loss since you will be able to eat the same volume of food without getting as many calories as some other more caloric dense alternatives.  Try to add 1 serving of fruit and 1-2 servings of vegetables to each meal.  As well, consider utilizing them as a snack with an additional protein source (such as peanut butter and apples)... (click for entire response)

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March is National Nutrition Month!

What is going on in your city to promote nutrition this month?

Please e-mail Christine (nutrition@foodpicker.org) so we can highlight National Nutrition Month activities in upcoming Nutrition Editor newsletters.

Thanks for your efforts!

Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
Founder, FOODPICKER.org

FOODPICKER® is a program designed to help people with diabetes make better food choices.  Our hope is that people consider the foods they consume and how they can burn them off with exercise for good health.  We embrace the guidelines put forth by the American Diabetes Association as well as the American Dietetic & American Heart Associations.  This website is completely free and brought to you by volunteers in the health care field.

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