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Nutrition Q&A Newsletter:

This week's question for your nutrition blog:

From: Tricia C. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 5/16/2010
Subject: avoiding cravings?

I am very new to the diabetes lifestyle.  I have started working out and so far have dropped 8 pounds (I have about 100 pounds still to lose).  I am excited about the weight loss so far, but I am scared that I won’t drop the weight and that I will slip somehow.  Can you offer any advice in regards to cravings (I have a big sweet tooth and enjoy greasy foods such as burgers and fries)?

Please respond to the above question on your blog by Sunday at midnight.  We will review all blogs and post several responses in our next newsletter!

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Do you know someone with diabetes?  They can send their questions to: diabetes@foodpicker.org


Last week's question:

From: Bill T. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 5/10/2010
Subject: fruit & sugar?

I have pre-diabetes and am trying to learn about carbohydrate and sugar.  Does the sugar in fruit count as sugar?

Below are a number of responses to the above question:

Jenifer Kayan RD, LD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Fruit contains natural sugars and while it is good to eat, diabetics still need to monitor their fruit intake.  Too much of anything is never a good thing.  It is important to eat a balanced diet with foods from all the food groups as well as make smart choices.  While carbohydrate intake needs to be monitored, there are better choices than others... (click for entire response)

Katie Kelly, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Fruit sugar, also known as fructose, does contain sugar that needs to be accounted for.  The best thing to do would be to choose whole fruits versus drinking fruit juice. Eating the actual fruit provides fiber and less sugar than drinking fruit juice.  If you decide to carbohydrate count, one serving of fruit... (click for entire response)

Nien-Jung Wu, Dietetic Intern
Answer: There are three types of carbohydrate: starch (also known as complex carbohydrate), sugar, and fiber.  In the category of sugar, natural sugar exists in fruits, called fructose... (click for entire response)

Michelle Rauch, Dietetic Intern
Answer: Yes, sugar in fruit counts as a carbohydrate - however, this does not mean that you should avoid fruit as a pre-diabetic.  In fact, fruit should be a part of your diet as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber... (click for entire response)


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What's on your summer reading list?

Please e-mail Christine (nutrition@foodpicker.org) and suggest a nutrition or diabetes related book with a brief description.

We will highlight your suggestion in an upcoming newsletter and make the book available at our online bookstore.  All proceeds are donated to the American Diabetes Association.

Thanks for your efforts!

Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
Founder, FOODPICKER.org


FOODPICKER® is a program designed to help people with diabetes make better food choices.  Our hope is that people consider the foods they consume and how they can burn them off with exercise for good health.  We embrace the guidelines put forth by the American Diabetes Association as well as the American Dietetic & American Heart Associations.  This website is completely free and brought to you by volunteers in the health care field.

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