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Message from Christine:

Hi Everyone!

I have noticed that many people with diabetes refer to themselves as "diabetic" but the American Diabetes Association prefers using "person with diabetes" when referring to patients.  I personally have never heard anyone with diabetes complain about the term "diabetic" but I thought I'd let you know what the American Diabetes Association's official stance is.  I think the idea is to try to humanize the individual rather than just label them with a disease.

Please e-mail me your thoughts & experiences with this:  nutrition@foodpicker.org

Have a great week!

Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
FOODPICKER.org, Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator


This week's question for your nutrition blog:

From: Susan R. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 11/17/2017
Subject: ideal blood sugar level?

I have diabetes and my blood sugar is all over the map.  Could you please tell me the ideal blood sugar level?

After you answer a question on your blog please e-mail nutrition@foodpicker.org with the link (so we know that you posted).  The deadline is every Sunday at midnight.  We will post several responses in our next newsletter!

Example: Christine's Blog

Diabetes Tools (official blood sugar recommendations)


Last week's question:

From: Jack C. (e-mail not disclosed for privacy)
To: diabetes@foodpicker.org
Date: 11/17/2017
Subject: popcorn and pre-diabetes?

I have pre-diabetes and enjoy having an afternoon snack.  Is microwave popcorn ok for me to have?

Below are a number of responses to the above question:

Lauren Siegfried, RD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: If you choose to make homemade popcorn rather than store bought microwave popcorn, use a microwave safe bowl with a small amount of canola oil on the bottom (~1 Tbsp).  Add some popcorn kernels and pop away.  The popcorn will have a lot of flavor without the added salt and butter in addition to incorporating monounsaturated fat which our body needs... (click for entire response)

Mandy Seay, RD, LD (Registered Dietitian)
Answer: Yes, popcorn is a great snack choice!  Popcorn is a whole grain food low in fat and calories when prepared correctly. Three cups of popcorn equals 15 grams of carbohydrate.  When choosing microwave popcorn look for low fat or fat free options.  Certain food companies now make single serve mini bags so you don’t have to waste any or feel obliged to eat a whole big bag... (click for entire response)

Michelle Rauch, Dietetic Intern
Answer: The optimal way to consume popcorn would be if you could air-pop your own (being able to control the type of oil, amount of salt, and toppings that it would contain.  Suggested tasty toppings for your popcorn: A small amount of grated Parmesan, cayenne pepper, Mrs. Dash, paprika, nutritional yeast, lemon pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, or taco seasoning... (click for entire response)

Suzanne Celentano, Nutrition Graduate Student
Answer: An alternate to microwave popcorn would be popping popcorn on the stovetop (which is almost a lost art).  The popcorn made on the stovetop has a much richer flavor and less non-popped kernel waste.  One option would be to cook it with a small amount of grape seed oil.  This polyunsaturated vegetable oil has a light neutral flavor but a high smoke point which makes it suitable for frying or in this case, popping corn... (click for entire response)

Stephanie Garcia, Nutrition Student
Answer: This little snack does not pack in any sodium or cholesterol and is low in fat!  Three cups of popped popcorn totals to about 15 grams of carbohydrates, so you should keep in mind how much popcorn you are snacking on because over three cups is crossing the boundaries of “snack” and “excess”... (click for entire response)

Rasha Husseini, BS
Answer: Microwavable popcorn varieties are mostly high in sodium and fat. To enjoy the benefits of popcorn, pay attention to food labels and go for brands with little or no added salt and fat.  Better yet, air pop your own popcorn at home with garlic and fresh herbs... (click for entire response)

Iliana Roldan, Nutrition Student
Answer: It's always a good idea to pair your carbs with a lean protein or healthy fat to slow the rise in your blood sugar.  Try adding some grated cheese over the top or mixing in a small amount of nuts in your popcorn... (click for entire response)


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